You have log-in access as long as you hold an Awakened Woman NFT in your wallet. The log-in will always ask you to connect your wallet, and reads to see the NFT. If it’s in there, you’ll be granted access, forever yes. If you sell it, the next person who has it in their wallet will gain access & you do lose access.

VERY soon after launch. The ‘origin course’ provided by Anna is created to be listened to & implemented over a 5 week period. One Module per week, to watch, read, finish the exercises and most importantly, IMPLEMENT.

But there will be some new coaching / interviews with experts added in the space as the Project & community grows, so expect additions to begin approximately 6 weeks after project minting.


No! You will have access to The Awakened Woman Hub that only is going to get stronger & more incredible as months & years go on in perpetuity! Anna as the Founder has a vision that the hub will become the most sought after women empowerment educational hub on the internet. 

Whether new collections are dropped – YOUR smart contract that is immutable, meaning that your NFT will always hold the code that unlocks THIS space. So as long as you have an Awakened Woman in your wallet, you’ll always gain access to the TAW Hub.