Guided Meditation

Lazuli Butterflies

Welcome to the Awakened Woman Her Destiny Meditation

As always make sure you are comfortable warm and will not be disturbed.

Let’s start with our centering breaths as a reminder we breathe in with a count of five we hold with a count of five, and we breathe out with a count of eight, and we repeat this three times. Breathe in two three four five hold two three four five out two three four five six seven eight breathe in two three four five hold two three four five out two three four five six seven eight breathe in two three four five hold two three four five out two three four five six seven eight.

Now allow your breath to go to its normal rhythm breathing in and breathing out feel the belly rise and feel the belly fall. Now we are going to do our connection with the earth to the universe, so we are going to imagine giving it a colour or a visualisation of what the earth represents to you and I want to imagine the energy of the earth is coming through the ground into your womb up your spine to your gut up your spine to your heart, up your spine to that little gland that sits on the top of your neck in your brain that little penile gland, send the energy there and then up through your head to the infinite possibilities of the universe. And then back down through the universe your head, that little gland. caress the gland, massage it, bring it now down to your neck down to your heart feel it massage and caress your heart, this beautiful universal energy and now allow it to come down to your gut caressing your gut through your spine, pelvis to your womb, out through the middle of your legs, the gateway of life to Mother Earth and back up again in your own time, and back down again in your own time. Now feel that energy in the body, let the visualisation go let the colour go, just feel that connection with earth to space through this beautiful vessel of your physical body. Now let’s play. I want you to imagine you have just woken in  your bed and we are going to take ourselves through a perfect day, we are going to play with it, who is with you in the bed, maybe there is nobody, when you open your eyes what does the room look like, what do the sheets feel like, what does the skin you lay in feel like, play with it, enjoy it, now I want you to make your way out of the bed and into the surroundings of your house, and who is coming to greet you, what colours do you see, play, I want you to play with it, don’t try to make it perfect, just allow all the images to come in, all the smells, all the tastes, all the sounds, all the feelings, maybe you have a morning routine, I want you to take yourself through that now, play, where are you looking, what are you seeing. Now take your mind through your day bit by bit, maybe you work from home, maybe you are going to present to a thousand people, maybe you are getting your gardening gloves on to go into the earth, maybe you are painting. What does your day look like, what is in it, play, I want you to play, I want you to dance with it, play with it, what does the work you do involve, who is in this environment with you, who are you connecting with, maybe they don’t have a face yet, that’s okay, bring in their energy, connect words to them, I want you to play now, and I want you to play with this day and then I want you to play into this night until you take yourself to bed. We are going to take a few minutes now for you to be in this creative place for dancing free state where you create your own destiny for today it is yours, now play. Breathe that in, breathe in this day you have created this is your destiny and this is what is available to you. You are made from the same things that the stars you can create whatever you want, the only limitations you are putting on yourself are the blocks in your head. It is time now to break them down, they don’t serve your any more, you need to shut down that inner critic, they are mean it is an abusive relationship you need to stop it, you need to break down the barriers that you may have created for yourself, no one else is putting those limitations on you. As you played through this day in your mind, how did you feel, what did it evoke within you. It is all ready for you, it is there, what is meant for you cannot be taken away from you, its there, its ready, just got to believe, unwavering belief in yourself connect into the playfulness of the heart, the power of your body, and your actions, dance with your destiny, you are meant to laugh every day. Say goodbye to that inner critic today for they cannot exist in this destiny, breathe into your power, breathe into your dreams, breathe into this life.

Let us finish now with our prayer of gratitude:   I am grateful for all that I am – breathe that in. I am grateful for all that I have been breathe

I am grateful for all that I will be, I am grateful, I am loved and I am enough. I am grateful I am loved and I am enough.

Meditation by Carllye.