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The moment you take full responsibility for everything in your life (& missing in your life) is the moment you gain the power to change anything in your life.. including your finances & money story.

Welcome to ‘FINANCES’ the space where once and for all you take radical responsibility for the money IN your life, and NOT in your life, and change the story and beliefs around the energetics of money to ensure you allow the FLOW of it to you begins to occur. 

Money is life giving and life saving. Money is BEAUTIFUL. And money in the hands of an Awakened Woman doesn’t just change her world, it heals the world. We are going to be diving in deep, to the beliefs you have, and re wiring them for success. As you are learning by now (deeply), your thoughts are what are creating your reality including when it comes to your finances so this is where we begin the process of setting your mind & thoughts up for success.

Danielle LaPorte said it SO well when she said this…

Fact: You being sick doesn’t help others get well. You being poor doesn’t help anyone to be more prosperous. You being strong, healthy, living in abundance is very very helpful to the collective. So please, be well, be radiant, be rich, be famous, be super-human – be whatever feels good. Do NOT go hungry or dim your light to be “of service to the world.

As an Awakened woman your job is to be well, and wealthy – whatever your version of that feels and looks like. But you are no longer going to be going hungry or dimming your light in this world. 

You Ready?

Let's dive in

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Time to Shine

“It’s not how much money you make, but how much money you keep, how hard it works for you & how many generations you keep it for”. – Robert Kiyosaki.

Below you will find your workbook that is yours to download and work along with.

You can print it off and go the sacred way of pen to paper, or they are also editable on screen. However you choose to sit in the coaching and show up to the work is perfect. The power is in the doing, in the action.

You also have the Guided Meditation for ‘Body’ written and recorded by the amazing Carllye specifically for The Awakened Woman & ‘Finances’ zone. When you click on it below, it will take you to the seperate zone, which is intentional. The idea is that you find the space and enter that vortex when you are listening to her words and magic and tuning into the energy of the ‘Finances Meditation’.

Your Social Media graphics are there to be downloaded and shared on your Social Media as proud TAW NFT Holders as you go through the course or whenever the mood strikes. 

I am so proud of you, I am so encouraged by you, I am so inspired by you, and I deeply believe in you. Now it’s your time to do the work, to heal your world, to heal THE world.