Guided Meditation

Welcome to the Awakened Woman Self-Love Meditation

As always make sure you are comfortable warm and will not be disturbed.

Let’s start with our centering breaths as a reminder we breathe in with a count of five we hold with a count of five, and we breathe out with a count of eight, and we repeat this three times. Breathe in two three four five hold two three four five out two three four five six seven eight breathe in two three four five hold two three four five out two three four five six seven eight breathe in two three four five hold two three four five out two three four five six seven eight.

Now allow your breath to go to its normal rhythm breathing in and breathing out feel the belly rise and feel the belly fall. You are the awakened woman, it is done, it is true, it is ignited within you. You walk with love, you speak with love all aspects of your world is love.  And the centre of it all is the self. The self is the highest embodiment of strength courage gratitude and of course love. The self cannot feel shame and fear it can only feel high vibrational states of energy. When we speak of self-love this is what we are speaking about the self, the connection with the self we take action to do loving things for our self to awaken that self-energy. I would like you to think of a picture right now that embodies what the self would look like it might be a warrior woman it might be a peaceful yogi, I want you to give it a face it might be your face and I welcome and encourage it.  I want you to look like that hair might look like, the eyes, the mouth, the nose, the chin the shoulders, the breasts the waist the bum, the vagina, the legs all of it. What is she wearing is she floating is she wearing armour, just want you to spend a moment here connecting with her visualise her feel her. You are the awakened woman and she has gratitude for every part of herself all the emotions need to be felt and feel it all, when we take care of the self this picture you have created and we step into her and we are stepping into her power, we are stepping into her love, we are stepping into unwavering authenticity who she is and she is you she is that awakened woman within you. See her connect with her give her love invite her into your every day, when you are feeling fear or shame or guilt, they are just parts of you and they are often the parts that step in when we need protection, but they don’t serve us anymore it’s the old story. The new story is to bring the self this self-love, this embodiment of affection of the awakened woman and step into her, step into her strength her confidence her gratitude her gratefulness, her ability to dance in the storm. Self-love is about speaking with love acting with love, silencing the inner critic, silencing them do not engage that is not loving of the self, turning your pain into power is self-love claiming every tear and allowing it to flow like a river is self-love, dancing light in your heart you feel and enjoy this self-love, love every single part of you from your loud laugh to your forgetfulness to your crazy dance moves, to laughing at your own jokes love it all. I want you to go back to that visualisation now you have of yourself of the most beautiful embodiment of self. Breathe her, see her, knowing that she is available to step in to you don’t have to go back to the old stories of shame and guilt and anger and frustration, you can let those parts go, they have served you, now they can go. Its this healthy adult this warrior this powerful beautiful, stunningly phenomenal woman of the self, breathe her in. I am going to take a few moments, I want you to breathe her in, I want you to connect with her, I want you to feel every singly tiny atom of her. When we step into the self, we can’t help but live our lives with love as she is pure, the money flows in with love, the speaking flows with love, the thinking flows with love, the way you walk flows with love, every aspect of our life flows with love when we connect with our highest embodiment of self. You may want to draw her; you may want to write down what you see you think you feel and know that she resides within you always.

Let us finish now with our prayer of gratitude:   I am grateful for all that I am – breathe that in. I am grateful for all that I have been breathe

I am grateful for all that I will be, I am grateful, I am loved and I am enough. I am grateful I am loved and I am enough.

Meditation by Carllye.