pearl butterfly

Hello Beautiful...and Welcome to your Awakening.

You're here. You made it.
Welcome to your new destiny.

Congratulations on owning one or many of The Awakened Woman NFTs, it’s a privilege and honour to have you a part of this community.

In owning your Awakened Woman you are one of the 5,555 women here on earth to have been activated into being one of Earth’s keepers and so begins the work of stepping into the woman you were always born to be.

The Awakened Women were sent to activate you, to bring earth back into harmony with the re-balance of more divine Feminine Energy. 

The Awakened Women mission as a collective is to Collaborate, co-create & co-evolve humanity through the rise of the feminine.

How she then goes on to change the world is through this here, her personal mission, changing her own world first to change THE world. Her remembrance, her re-balancing & her radiance.

This is where you begin. Welcome HOME.

You Ready?

Let's dive in

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Time to Shine

“The feminine energy is flowing & dynamic. Her moves can’t be predicted or explained with the rational mind. The feminine energy is powerful. The feminine strength comes from the soul.” – Sylvia Salow.

Below you will find your workbook that is yours to download and work along with.

You can print it off and go the sacred way of pen to paper, or they are also editable on screen. However you choose to sit in the coaching and show up to the work is perfect. The power is in the doing, in the action.

You also have the Guided Meditation for ‘Welcome’ written and recorded by the amazing Carllye specifically for The Awakened Woman & ‘Welcome’ zone. When you click on it below, it will take you to the seperate zone, which is intentional. The idea is that you find the space and enter that vortex when you are listening to her words and magic and tuning into the energy of the ‘Welcome Meditation’.

Your Social Media graphics are there to be downloaded and shared on your Social Media as proud TAW NFT Holders as you go through the course or whenever the mood strikes. 

I am so proud of you, I am so encouraged by you, I am so inspired by you, and I deeply believe in you. Now it’s your time to do the work, to heal your world, to heal THE world.